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Information technology is the tool that assists people to do their job better and that tool should be easy and pain free to use.  OmekaTech understands this and we promise that we will put humans before I.T.


What We Do

IT Procurement

OmekaTech can source and supply all of your IT equipment (software and hardware) needs as well as providing the total turnkey solution at competitive rates.

Voice & Phone

Omekatech is your single point destination for procurement and installation of all networking, phones, VOIP and video calling equipment.

Internet & Data Services

OmekaTech is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in its own right, providing our customers with better performance, security and support.

Websites & Hosting

We are your one stop shop for all your Website and hosting needs. Our team are creative and have many years of experience in building websites. We only use Australian based companies for all our hosting and support needs.

Cloud Services

Whether you need a secure private cloud, public cloud or are looking to achieve the best of both worlds with a hybrid cloud platform, choosing the right cloud services is business critical, reducing costs while improving accessibility.

After Hours / Remote Support

We can provide some after hours support and Remote support using TeamViewer and other tools are used to assist your users in time of need. We will never connect to your computers; our customers have to give us access to their systems.


Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

Information technology is the tool that assists people to do their job better and that toll should be easy and pain free to use. OmekaTech understands this and we promise that we will put humans before I.T.

We take care of your IT systems so you can focus on your business

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What People Are Saying

When Omeka Technology came to visit Lincom Group we were in the process of considering what we do with our current support company.  We were not happy with certain dealings.  George arrived on site and was very professional.  We spoke about all our systems from Desktops to our aging servers.  After the meeting George was very interested to be shown around and we could clearly see that his experience was coming through as he showed a lot of interest not only in the technology at our office but what our business did.

When George came back to Lincom he presented a document with a quote and also what Omeka Tech believed would be best for our business.  Not only were his recommendations around hardware and software but how best to improve all our systems that had been discussed.

The team at Omekatech worked tirelessly over a weekend rolling over all our systems from desktops to servers nationwide.  Our staff and our business had no downtime.  Emails continued to work.

We would recommend Omekatech to any organisation.

Matthew Churchill

CFO, Lincom Group

Being out on an Island meant that we had to find someone that could support us when we needed.  Omekatech was that company.  They had no issues traveling to the island to meet us and see what we needed.  We needed good reliable systems to manage our business and Omekatech delivered. 

We have not looked back ever since we engaged them.

Theresa Augustie

Manager, Macleay Island Pharmacy

We went from Reactive support to Proactive support.

Mark Cain

Director, Last Minute Enterprises

When we engaged the services of Omekatech we were not certain that they would be able to deliver.  We held a number of meetings and George had many questions and also ideas on how best we could get our business up and running quickly and efficiently.  We were a new business and had a very tight budget.

Omekatech returned to us with a quote and met every expectation that we needed.  We were surprised that Omekatech had quoted HP servers, desktops and printers considering our budget.  Compared to other companies that we had asked to quote Omekatech came in with the best hardware and pricing.

Omekatech has been supporting all our systems from day one.  This is a blessing as they know the system backwards and have always been able to resolve issues quickly and with no fuss.  The remote support provided is 2nd to none.  Our monthly proactive service agreement means that our servers and desktop are running efficiently and securely.  We receive monthly reports on the state of our systems.

Omekatech has gone above and beyond with support and have even assisted us with all our 3rd party medical software and dealt with those 3rd party support staff, letting us concentrate on what we do best.

Mariola Agathangelou

Manager, MIMC PTY Ltd

Timely IT advice for Legal Professionals.  Omekatech provided the full package, Cloud PBX, Private network between our branches, Website design and hosting, Computer software and hardware supply and servicing, support and the list goes on.  Who would want to go anywhere else.  They look after everything technical.

Thank you Omekatech you went above and beyond.

Michael Stern

Owner, Phelps and Co

Standardisation transforms IT, we could not believe it.

Matthew Ludlow

Manager, Ludlow Enterprises

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